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Choose Your Skirt According to Your Body Shape

While trousers and jeans are comfortable and often suitable for a very wide range of activities, the skirt is the most feminine piece of clothing a woman can wear. Unfortunately, many women fear the skirt because they feel quite self-conscious about one part of their body or another. This problem can be solved by knowing which types of skirts are appropriate for your body.

Yes, it is true that the skirt trends are determined by fashion designers every season – A-lines for spring, pencil skirts for summer, etc., etc. But that shouldn’t stop you from showing off your figure! Fashion is about self-expression and feeling better about yourself so don’t be afraid to make your own trends.

The first and most important rule you need to remember doesn’t have anything to do with the specific shape of the skirt, but with the areas with decorations and embellishments. Keep those away from the parts you don’t want to draw attention to! If, for example, you are not particularly fond of your waist line and/or have a larger belly, don’t choose a skirt with a dropped waist or a heavily decorated top line. On the same note, in choosing a long skirt to conceal your ankles because you find them to be a bit too thick, don’t choose one with prints or embellishments on the hem line.

As a general rule, slimmer figures benefit most from tighter skirt models while curvier builds look better with looser models. If you are quite slim and want to wear something shorter, choose a pencil skirt which will cling to all the right places. If you have some curves, however, yet still want the shorter version, choose an A-line skirt which will balance out your bottom and/or thighs with its looser hem line.

If you want to add volume to your bottom or legs, a pleated skirt will do wonders for you. The tulip skirt will work especially well for making the bottom area appear more voluminous. You will find skirts with pockets or heavy decorations to be quite beneficial as well. If you want to subtract volume, however, choose a vertical stripe print in darker colours as it will visually slim your figure.

To make your legs appear longer, straight skirt models are the best bet. As they will blur the lines between bottom, thighs and calves, your entire legs will gain in length.

If you feel that a skirt might enhance some imperfections on your bottom or legs the best thing to do is choose a loose model. Clingy ones can be worn too, though, with the added bonus of making you feel more attractive. The important part is to choose a heavier fabric that will conceal small things, rather than something thin that will make everything very visible.

With those simple rules in mind, you can pull off any skirt outfit you want. Just remember that the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable in it. If you don’t, lose the trends and stick to your own, personal and well-established style.