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Fall Fashion Color Palette

Though it might be the peak of summer for us – the time to enjoy the sunshine and holidays, fashion is always set on establishing the trends of tomorrow. And that tomorrow is just around the corner even though we wouldn’t like to admit that right now. In mere weeks, the sun will stop shining so bright and the trees will start losing their green.

This summer has been all about brights and neons when it comes to fashion. Understandable, really, as nature shines with all its glory and we want to look the same. But when fall comes, it is only natural to reduce the brightness a bit and start focusing on darker shades. So let’s review what the designers have in store for us this fall.

When you look at the palette above, none of the colours are too bleak or dark actually – they are just not as bright as what we are wearing right now.

For the greens we have Emerald and Deep Lichen Green. The Emerald shade is a bit brighter and can be used for the statement pieces in your outfit while the Deep Lichen Green is a bit more towards the neutral range – almost khaki-like.

Mykonos Blue is the only blue representative in the palette, but certainly makes up for it with its deep shade. Very similar to what we usually call Royal Blue, this colour will make an excellent choice for formal occasions.

Going further along the line, Linden Green is somewhere between green and yellow. And as yellow has no representative in the palette, this shade could be treated as such. A rather dull colour by itself, the Linden Green will make an excellent accent in any darker or monochromatic outfit.

Acai is a gorgeous violet that can also be used for statement pieces. If you are bolder and really want to stand out however, a darker fuchsia is presented by the name of Vivacious.

Samba is a very classic shade – a deeper red usually associated with the colder seasons, it allows fashion-conscious ladies to be on trend with timeless elegance.

Koi is quite possibly the brightest colour in the palette – a reminder that we shouldn’t mourn the summer past, but rather look forward to the next one. Choose an item of your clothing in this colour and you will effortlessly draw all eyes to yourself.

As for the fans of monochromatic or neutral looks, Turbulence and Carafe give lots of options. Instead of a classic combination of black and white, the graphite-like shade of Turbulence can present a great twist. And instead of a classic beige, the Carafe gives you a bolder option.

Coming out of the summer, this palette may seem dull and uninteresting to you at first. Take a look at it again though, as you will see numerous options to combine and create some memorable outfits.