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Great Things to Do with Your Children at Easter

With the hectic schedules we have these days, quality time with the children is hard to come by. The Christmas and New Year holidays have already passed, so the next chance of having fun with the little ones is Easter. What to do to make the most of what little time we have?

Of course, first and foremost, you and your children must dye the eggs. But with so many options available today, dying is not the only thing you can do – you can paint them, add crystals and gems, dip them in chocolate and then carve them and so much more. Whatever you decide to do, this process develops your children’s creativity and makes them feel involved, which is always cherished by youngsters.

Easter is undoubtedly the arts and crafts holiday. The eggs are not the only thing to do. There are also bunnies, baskets, chicks and so much more. All you need is coloured paper, fabric, or whatever other material you wish, some glue, a pair of scissors and a whole lot of imagination which your children surely have plenty of. Again, it serves to broaden their imaginations, develop their creativity and also to get them involved. It also contributes to making your home appear beautifully decorated and your Easter truly magical. It can also help to have the children occupied with their crafts while you are cooking, or when you just need to have some time for yourself.

Whatever activities your family enjoys, you can easily make them Easter-like for the holidays. If you have Bingo nights, for example, you can add some bunnies and eggs and so on to the cards and make it a whole new game. That way, your children will be able to do what they love and still be in the spirit of the holiday.

It is also good to take advantage of the improving weather and have some games played outside. Spoon races and egg rolling are both prone to causing major laughter outbreaks amongst all the members of the family, so they are surely not to miss. The egg hunt is, of course, imperative – no Easter holiday can be without it. Your children might get a little dirty while they are looking for the hidden treasures, but they do that anyway… At least this time you will have some of the fun too.

If you are religious, Easter is one of the best times to explore that and teach your children about the Bible. The market offers some great children’s editions which are easy to understand and filled with fun pictures. Without making it too much about religion and faith, you can share some of the Bible’s amazing morals with your children – when told in such a way, they are bound to remember them.

The great thing about all these activities is that they are not expensive. You can simply buy discounted crafts supplies online, and the rest is free fun! Just be careful not to overdo the whole thing – don’t plan every second of every day of the whole time you have with the children. If they are constantly playing fun games and you are constantly organizing them, everyone will be exhausted at the end of it and nothing will seem fun anymore. Amongst all the preparations and celebrations, be sure to include some quiet time when you can all watch some TV or allow everyone to do what they wish.