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Technology & Education

Technology has been an integral part of education for a long time now. Not only do computers provide a way for children to play and learn at the same time and watch educational movies and videos, but there is also the Internet which gives access to a wealth of information. The latest addition to the technology-education link is the smartphone – another way for children to explore the world around them and learn about it.

As Android holds one of the largest market shares today, let’s review what apps you could install on your or your child’s phone for educational purposes.

If you have a toddler, you could turn your phone into an entire playroom with free apps like:

Learning Letters for Kids, Kids ABC Letters Lite and 123s ABCs Handwriting Fun will teach your child about the letters of the alphabet in a fun and exciting way. Children find all of these quite addictive so you might find it difficult to get your phone back…

Kids Numbers and Math Lite and 0-10 Numbers Baby Flash Cards, on the other hand, will teach your toddler all about the numbers from 1 to 10 and the simplest operations they can perform with them.

AniWorld is an app that will teach your child about various animal species – what they look like, what kinds of sounds they make, what they eat, and so on. It’s so much easier to learn about animals now than it was when we were children.

Kids Pedia – Color Magician can be viewed as your child’s first encyclopedia. The app presents various tidbits of knowledge in areas like geography, math, languages, health, art, science, and much more in a fun and interactive way.

Children in elementary and middle school need different apps which suit their level of knowledge. Here are some of the greatest free ones you could download:

Brain Café – GeoQuiz and US History Quiz can be very helpful when your child is preparing for a test. They not only have wide question databases, but also show relevant information which might make it easier for your children to learn.

iStory Books is a great app which includes numerous popular and not-so-popular children’s books in categories like bedtime stories, fairy tales, dinosaurs, food and many others. The app also features a narrator who can read the stories to the child.

Classic Simon and Alchemy – Genetics can be great for developing memory and logic skills. While the first one is a nostalgic look back into our own childhoods and the other is a look into the future of genetic engineering, both can be quite fun and educational for children.

Periodic Table is an app whose name speaks for itself. But rather than simply displaying the Periodic Table for your child to stare at and hopefully learn, all the elements can be clicked to display tons of fascinating information.

If your child is in high school or college and already has a smartphone, you could let them know about these great apps:

Formulas Lite and Mathway are great for getting the hang of those complicated formulas and equations. Whether your child focuses on geometry, calculus, physics, or anything else math-related, these apps will be very helpful.

Virtual SAT Tutor – Writing is great when your child is preparing for the SATs. The app is created by expert tutors and really resembles the real exam.

BrainPOP is the app version of educational website of the same name. They are a global offering with an almost unlimited supply of animated movies and interactive quizzes that help children to learn about a huge range of topics. This is an excellent learning resource as it keeps children entertained and engaged. The app version makes a new movie available each day, and has an interactive quiz to go with each movie.

There are many more free educational apps available at Google Play. Depending on your child’s specific interests you can find hundreds of relevant aids. For example, there are numerous dictionaries and language learning apps you can download depending on which language the child has chosen to study. There are also anatomy explaining apps, piano and guitar lessons, and everything else you can think of.