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The Best Shopping Destinations for Antique Hunters

Antique hunting is an amazing and very rewarding hobby, but it can also be very frustrating if you have no idea where to go next. If you have already been to a thousand different places in search of those precious old items that someone is selling at a bargain and you are now stuck for destinations, make sure you try the following:

The Bermondsey Market in London, England

This market is renowned as one of the best in Europe. Anyone looking for any antiques and collectibles is bound to find something to their taste, just as long as they can get up really, really early in the morning. Dealers come from near and far every Friday at dawn to set up their stalls and they open for customers at 5am. You’d do well to get there even earlier as there are many others like you who will probably steal some of the best deals right under your nose.

Marche Aux Puces De Clignancourt in Paris, France

Yet another amazing European market offering access to more than 3000 vendor stalls every single day. You’ll be able to find everything from jewellery, paintings and fabrics to antique chandeliers, musical instruments and rare French vintage items that are sure to compliment your collection beautifully.

La Place du Jeu de Belle in Brussels, Belgium

This is another worldly-renowned European market offering a comprehensive range of antiques. While the above specialises in French items with only a few exceptions, La Place du Jeu de Belle offers items from all over the world including glassware, clocks, antique furniture, African masks and much more. The vendors are known as very welcoming so you are bound to make an amazing bargain.

Cormano in Milan, Italy

This market truly deserves its fame as one of the largest markets in Europe. Hundreds of stalls open every morning to offer antique jewellery, rare books, fine silk fabrics, pottery, vintage furniture and much more. Of course, the bargains flow easily all throughout the morning as antique hunters and vendors negotiate in a very friendly manner for the most precious items.

San Telma Flea Market in Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is one of the most colourful markets in the world with giant crowds and numerous stalls offering wide ranges of antiques, art, jewellery and many other items. Keep in mind that ‘giant crowds’ really doesn’t do them justice – you might want to get there early because there really are so many people…

The Beijing Antique Market in Beijing, China

This market offers the unbelievable 4000 stalls filled with great bargains on rare books, antiques, Buddhism statues, antique furniture and much more. It’s really large so a single day might not be enough to see it all, even if you get a really early start.

San Jose Flea Market in San Jose, California, USA

This market is renowned as one of the largest in the world. It spreads over more than 13 kilometres of corridors and alleys where antique hunters can find furniture, jewellery, books, antiques and many other items. The market is open all day from Wednesday to Sunday so that one-week visitors can have enough time to explore its entirety.

127 Corridor in Jamestown, Tennessee, USA

This is not a market, but rather the world’s longest yard sale. It spreads over hundreds of miles on the Jamestown highway and lasts only three weeks in August. Customers can shop for an enormous range of items from simple household appliances and decorations to true antiques and they all come at an amazing bargain.

There are plenty of amazing bargains to be had as long as you know where to look and how to look for them. When you visit these markets though, it’s not just about the wares to be had, but also about the incredible experience of being there.